Big Score: Yashica Film Cameras

Now that you're all keyed up from my recent post about how film cameras as prime-time Picking gold for a big-bucks eBay flip, let me share two of my recent 'Big Scores'.

The Yashica T4. This looks like a crappy point-and-shoot camera that can't be worth very much. Well, how does $170 sound? That's right, the T4s (as well as T3s and T5s) fetch huge dollars on eBay. They are easy to spot because they have a viewfinding window on the top. If you see this camera, you get it!

I'm always juiced when I find an inexpensively priced medium format camera. These things are sought after by serious photographers. It isn't very common to find one priced on the low-end, but I was able to pick this Yashica Mat 124G up at a garage sale for $40. When all was said and done, it sold for over $150 in "As-Is" condition. Not bad. 

So, what kinds of big camera scores have you come across?


  1. Thanks for commenting on my Vintage Stuff & Such blog. I used to teach photography in high school back in the film and darkroom days. We actually had some twin lens reflex cameras that we used. Wish I knew where those cameras were today. I've picked up a few Polaroids recently for my vintage booth. I had a couple of older cameras for sale on eBay that I had to practically give away. You are right that you have to find very specific models to make the bucks. I mention cameras in this article. Check it out.

    1. Thanks for the comment.
      Certainly a lot of cameras aren't worth squat. It makes that big score all the more satisfying.