Gone Fishin': Selling Vintage Lures on eBay

I'll tell you everything I know about fishing.
Worms are gross, fish are slimy, fish hooks can hurt, boats make me nauseous, and you can easily purchase and eat tasty fish at a restaurant so I really don't need to fish if I don't want to.
Also, vintage fishing lures can sometimes sell for a lot of money online.

I once bought a tackle box full of old lures for ten bucks at a yard sale. It was stinky and dangerous and full of hooks and fishing line all tangled up. But at the bottom were a few old Heddon lures that I thought looked cool so I saved them for years and years. When I later started sorting all my junk and seeing what I could sell on eBay, I was delighted to find these things can reel in some decent dollars

Now, unfortunately I didn't have any of those ultra-rare lures that can catch you hundreds of dollars, but I put the bunch of them up on eBay and walked away with over 50 bucks. Since then, I've been careful to always check in any tackle boxes or tool boxes at every junk store or yard sale.

Another good tip to find antique fishing lures is whenever you see a fishing rod for sale, ask if there are any lures or tackle. Folks often keep the lures and hooks aside to make sure some kids doesn't accidentally get pierced.
Some brands of old lures that can be worth a bit include Heddon, Creek Chub, Shakespeare, South Bend, and Pflueger. There are also lots of smaller companies. And, of course, if the lures you snag aren't worth a ton individually, I recommend saving up a box of them to sell as a lot.


  1. Thanks for the info. I just got several lures purchased in a lot with a bunch of other stuff. I'm going to go check for those brand names.

  2. I've heard of these going for top dollars. I'd say it's best if the guy running the garage sale is on the older side too. Less likely to have the junky ones! I feel like my list of things to buy is ever-growing...